In Nature, Everything is Connected

Confessions of a voyeuse

I bike away from cars, buildings, cement

Into nature

I crave the connection, the experience of the spiritual

I sit, camouflaged, surrounded only by trees, birds and minuscule species

Ready to tune in to the energetic, the primal current, the breathing earth

No human voice, just the distant sound of water, the touch of the wind, the smell of soil

And then I spot them

A man and a woman lying naked under the sun

Intertwined in a sensual dance behind the bushes across the river

They caress, safe from the gaze of others, or so they think,

They too have withdrawn from our prying, invasive, human species

She steals furtive looks right and left, nervous, lest someone arrive

Unaware that it is from the other shore that another animal stares

The man glides his hand over her sun-warmed legs

I close my eyes and feel his touch on my thighs

He buries his head between her legs

Her head bends backwards,

as does mine.

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