The Therapist

For Graciela Hoyos

It would be a voyage, she said

Through uncharted waters

The destination: a more genuine, examined, less fragmented, version of myself

It sounded strange, unsettling even

We didn’t know the expedition’s duration, itinerary or cost

And so, we embarked

She was my experienced companion, lighting a lantern when it turned dark

She helped me find the words to name the pain

Together we explored routes travelled in the past

We visited the inner child in me, listened, comforted her and moved on

Time and again we returned to younger versions of myself when they needed to be heard

We tended to their claims, their sorrows, their fears

She taught me a bit of her trade, to listen carefully, examine, question, challenge

It’s been two years and a half

We’ve arrived at a safe port and today we part ways

She says, “Sail on.”

She will carry on listening to the troubled, the anguished, the deranged minds

Compassionate, serene, composed

Master in her art, she will raise questions, remind you of patterns, hold you to your truth

She connects, she relates, she infers, she keeps track, she points out

Wise companion of travels through the mind, midwife of memories, interpreter of dreams


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