A home called Trudi

At 86, she is petite, fine and full of character

Born in 1934, she recalls food rationing during World War II

Even in neutral Switzerland, the war would leave a mark on its children

In her, the experience made her wise: recognize and value what is essential, dismiss the rest

Money, power, titles, aesthetics, social class, or eloquence, never impressed her

When Francis, her second son, defended his PhD with brio she said “You finished every sentence”

She worships family, friendships, God, her garden, sweets, and a daily glass of red wine

She has a mind of her own, always has

André claimed she descended from gipsies; her love for life and free-spirit make the point

In her early twenties, she worked in a hotel in Rome

In the afternoons, she strolled freely through the city, a guidebook in her hand, the wind in her face, the future ahead

This, she thought, is what Freedom is

After several months, she returned to André, he had already conquered her heart

In Protestant Bern, they shared the Catholic religion, and the world of scouts, plus, he was a handsome man, what else could one ask?

He made her happy, she reminds us, they travelled the world and had a rewarding life

Brought up in a conservative, traditional home, she raised her three boys to be feminist men

No need for ideology, only practice and show, don’t preach

Trudi, pragmatic to the bone

The boys saw her cooking and learnt to cook, saw her ironing and learnt to iron, mother was a born-pedagogue

Immensely supportive and generous to her three foreign daughters-in-law

Helpful, reliable, stable, and kind

At old age, she remains open-minded, liberal, engaged

On her 75th birthday, she adventured through the Bernese alps saddled on a Harley Davidson, once more savouring Freedom with capital F

Grandmother to seven children whom she loves, accepts and celebrates as the unique human beings they are

We gather around Trudi for Christmas, Easter egg hunt, Francis’ Sommer Fest, Pandemic confinement and so many other occasions

In the spirit of its owner, Villa Trudi, is the family centre, a warm, welcoming home

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