We, the privileged

Inequality in the time of quarantine, some thoughts and a call for solidarity

We sit in our living rooms or even our gardens

We connect to Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Skype.

We kind of work, and at times we despair

Stocked up with groceries, toilet paper, and paracetamol

We scan the news, and binge watch on Netflix.

We file insurance claims.

But what about the rest? I wonder

The Gondolier in Venedig, whose revenue has come to a full stop?

The cleaning women in Geneva (or name another city) whom, I bet, will not be paid for work she didn’t do? Or will she?

The Rickshaw puller in Mumbai?

The migrant Venezuelan Rappi delivery men and women who cycle the streets of Bogota, grateful to respond to the caprices of the rich?

What about the street musicians of the world?

The living statues of Barcelona?

The street vendors of every corner of our so-called developing world?

The sex worker? The manicurist?

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